Greenfield Democratic Town Committee Endorsement Procedure

Updated Fall 2021

Candidates seeking endorsement should understand that this committee adheres to the Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform.

Eligibility for Endorsement

  1. The Greenfield Democratic Town Committee (GDTC/the committee) will only endorse candidates for local, district, or state offices who are currently registered Democrats at the time they seek our endorsement. We acknowledge that local elections are nonpartisan, but we will still apply this criterion to honor the mutual commitment.
  2. The committee will ask candidates seeking its endorsement whether they have publicly endorsed a candidate who opposed a Democratic candidate in a partisan state or national election within the past 4 years. It is not the committee’s practice to endorse a candidate in this situation, but exceptions may be made at the Chair’s discretion or by a simple majority vote of the committee.

Procedure of endorsement requests & endorsement motions

  1. It is the preference of the committee that candidates seek endorsement in person. In the event that candidates are unable to attend in person, the candidate may submit a written statement, audio or visual recording of themselves requesting endorsement of the committee. Committee members may submit questions to the candidate for their written, audio, or video response.
  2. Candidates wishing to make an in-person endorsement request may do so at the October 27 regular meeting of the GDTC. Candidates that cannot attend this meeting should submit an audio, video, or written statement to the GDTC for consideration no later than Wednesday. October 13.
  3. Candidates will have 5 minutes to offer a statement to the committee about why they deserve endorsement. The committee will formulate 2-3 standard questions in advance. Subject to the discretion of the chair, the committee will pose follow-up questions for a few minutes.
    The committee will vote on all endorsements by the October regular meeting (for a November election). If all eligible candidates have been given the opportunity to seek endorsement, the committee can vote at any time.
  4. Endorsement will be by a simple majority of the committee, with the expectation that each member’s vote indicates a personal belief that their candidate best represents the Democratic Party and would do the best job for the position they seek.
  5. Motions and debate will occur after the candidate(s)’s presentation and without the candidate(s) for that seat present.