Let the Appointments & Ordinances Committee know what you think about privatizing Greenfield’s trash collection.

As reported recently in The Recorder, Greenfield Mayor Bill Martin is pushing a plan to privatize trash and recycling services in Greenfield in order to cut costs:

Aging vehicles, rising costs and a dilapidated building at the Transfer Station have led the city to consider privatizing trash service in Greenfield, though some residents are not so keen on the idea.

“I’ve been here for a little more than three years now, and it’s been on the agenda since I got here, so it’s always been in the background, and it’s now gaining a little bit more steam,” Department of Public Works Director Don Ouellette said. “We’re still just taking a look and trying to do what’s best for the town.”

Ouellette said two of the city’s eight trash trucks are no longer roadworthy, and two more will need to be replaced in the coming years. The rising cost of trash disposal, which increased from $56 to $73 per ton during the city’s last negotiations, as well as the decaying condition of the building at the Transfer Station, are also factors the city will consider in its decision.

Precinct 8 Councilor Doug Mayo has drafted an ordinance to make transparent and accountable any effort to privatize city services.

At its regular meeting this Wednesday, February 14, the Appointments & Ordinances Committee of the Greenfield City Council will be taking public comments and discussing the proposed ordinance. If you have thoughts about this ordinance or about privatization of city services, you can share them directly with the Committee at this meeting.

The meeting starts at 6:30pm and will be held at the Planning Office at 114 Main Street here in Greenfield.

Check out our full slate of endorsed candidates for the November 7 election!

The Greenfield Democratic Town Committee is thrilled to present our full slate of endorsed candidates for the municipal election to be held here in Greenfield on November 7, 2017:

These candidates represent a great balance of experience and new ideas. They are forward-thinking, responsive, and effective. They will provide a set of strong, progressive, and collaborative voices to our town government.

Make sure to vote on November 7 at Greenfield High School. You can also vote via absentee ballot beginning ten days prior to the election at the Town Clerk’s office in Town Hall on Court Square.

If you would like to donate to or help the campaigns of any or all of these candidates, please check out their Facebook pages linked above.

If you would like to help the Greenfield Democratic Town Committee support these candidates, you can donate online via ActBlue.